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Get personalized hearing solutions from the experts at Stone-Lang Co. Our offices in Paducah, Murray, and Fulton, KY are equipped with modern technology to offer the best hearing rehabilitation and hearing instruments. We offer advanced digital hearing aid products from quality brands, ReSound and Starkey. Let us help you improve the quality of your life through state-of-the-art hearing care products and services we offer.

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On the day of your evaluation, we will utilize cutting edge equipment to provide a hearing evaluation for the purpose of selecting and fitting modern hearing aids. This may include otoscopy, pure tone audiometry, speech audiometry, and tympanometry. A video otoscope may also be used, to further educate the patient on the anatomy of their ear and the nature of their hearing loss.

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Making the decision to book an appointment for hearing consultation is the first step to having healthy hearing. Here at Stone-Lang Co., we have certified hearing instrument specialists who will work closely with you to select the best hearing solutions for your health, lifestyle, and preferences. All of our hearing instruments are sold on a trial purchase. To learn more about our innovative and stylish hearing aids and batteries and exemplary hearing care services, you may reach our offices through the phone numbers provided in this website.

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